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Designed to fit any phone, our Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Pouch has EMF shielding in the back to help protect your body while on-the-go.

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While on the go, use the DefenderShield® Cell Phone EMF Protection & Anti-Radiation Pouch to stay protected from Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation while keeping your cell phone or other device secure and accessible.

The DefenderShield EMF Blocking Cell Phone Pouch uses DefenderShield’s newly developed Ultra Armor™ Shielding Technology in the back, to help protect your body from wireless EMF emitting from your device. It should not affect cellular service or connectivity.

Perfect for: daily use with most smartphones, carrying essential items on-the-go, strapping to belt or bags, traveling, hands-free use (when using strap).

All Features

  • Ultra Armor™ Shielding Technology blocks up to 99% of wireless Radio Frequency (RF) EMF radiation & the entire 5th Generation spectrum (300 Hz-90 GHz)
  • High quality and durable neoprene fabric
  • Pen loop and additional front pocket to hold small items such as credit cards or ID
  • VELCRO® loop on back to attach to a belt or bag
  • Magnetic full flap closure keeps phone hidden and secure
  • Detachable cross-body strap for hands-free use

The DefenderShield® EMF Radiation Protection Cell Phone Pouch Blocks:

About Ultra Armor™ Shielding Technology:

Our custom-created Ultra Armor™ Shielding Technology can block up to 99% of wireless (RF) radiation up to 90 GHz, including all bands of the 5th Generation spectrum: low-band operating below 1 GHz, mid-band or c-band up to 6 GHz, and high-band millimeter waves at 24 GHz and higher. It also blocks WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular (1G-5Gen), RFID, NFC, GPS, and other microwaves and radio waves.

How to Use:

When you aren’t using your cell phone or other electronic device, just place it in the DefenderShield Cell Phone EMF Blocking Pouch to shield your body from wireless EMF radiation. Keep the back of the DefenderShield Cell Phone EMF Pouch against your body, whether it’s in a pocket, on a belt, or in a bag. This will block direct body contact with EMF emissions coming from the side of your phone facing your body.

For hands-free use while on calls, you can either put your phone on speakerphone and place it upside down into the DefenderShield Radiation Protection Pouch, so you can talk freely into the microphone on the phone while having it securely inside the Pouch pocket. For private hands-free conversations, attach wired or Air Tube Earbuds to your phone, and put your phone inside the DefenderShield Pouch. You can accept the call using the audio controller on the Earbuds, and can talk and listen while protecting yourself from EMF emissions.


Specifications for Small Pouch:
Weight (oz): 1.5
Outer Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.5 x .4 in
Inner Dimensions: 6.25 x 3.75 x .4 in
Strap: 26.5 to 50.5 in

Specifications for Large Pouch:
Weight (oz): 2.8
Outer Dimensions: 8 x 5 x .4 in
Inner Dimensions: 7 x 5 x .4 in
Strap: 26.5 to 50.5 in



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